Ford GT production numbers doubled

2 Sep 2016


An extra 500 of Ford's fastest ever car ever will be built – but it still won't dent demand.

After an unprecedented level of interest, Ford has announced that it will double the number of GT sports cars to be built over the next four years to 1,000.

More than 10,000 expressions of interest and more than 6,500 orders were received for the initial run of 500 of the US-built supercar, the first of which will filter through to customers later in 2016.

Initially, just 500 cars were to be built over two years in the same motorsport facility in Ontario, Canada that build Ford's factory racing GTs, but the huge level of demand promoted a rare change of heart; when it comes to mega-dollar supercars, production schedules are almost always adhered to, despite demand.

Production will now be extended by two years, with 250 cars a year to be built.

The 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 powered supercar costs around US$450,000 (A$620,000).

The application process for the GT involved prospective customers filling out an extensive questionnaire aimed largely at weeding out people who were looking to buy and 'flip' (quickly resell) the car for profit, and even asked about social media habits.

Long-time Ford customers, as well as people who indicated that they would actually drive the car as opposed to garaging it, were reportedly favoured in Ford's selection process for the first batch of cars.

The 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 powered supercar costs around US$450,000 (A$620,000), but Ford won't sell the left-hand-drive-only machine locally.

The carbon-chassied GT, which shocked the motoring world when it was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show last year, was designed and built in absolute secrecy in Detroit over a two-year period by a team headed by Tasmanian-born Ford designer Todd Willing.

Willing's 12-year stint at Ford Australia saw him design more mundane modes of transport like the Territory, and his secondment to the GT program meant he was unable to tell even his wife about what his team was working on.

There's another Australian connection with the GT; its carbon fibre rims are made by a facility in Geelong, outside of Melbourne.

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